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Full Stack PHP Development, Android Application Development, Web Design,Frontend Development,Graphic Design, Localization/Internationalization (l8n/i18n), Database Management, Social Media, Penetration Testing, Hosting

Name: Heiko J.

Profile: full stack developer


Phone: (49) 2150-7582783


JAVA 85%
SQL 75%
PHP 90%
CSS 60%
Objective-C 55%
Python 80%
About me

Heiko has been in the Internet Business from 1998 until now. In those 22 years he picked up a lot of experience in every skill that is related to web development, from HTML, CSS, JavaScript for frontend development to Node, Python (Django) and PHP for backend development (just to name a few).

Heiko has also worked for Oracle and knows his way around databases, from their design to being fluent in their language SQL. Oracle, Postgress, MySQL, MariaDB, CouchDB, SQLite are just a few DB engines that he has worked with over the years.

Heiko is a specialist in localization and internationalization of software, having worked with language-based companies for many years. Did we mention that he has also released over a dozen Android applications?

Heiko is also available for consultations on all matters related to IT infrastructure and management. Having worked in SCRUM teams for years, he can organize development teams and supplement them very efficiently and effectively.


Here is some information about the stuff that we offer...

Web Design

Need a great design for your intellectual property? Look no further and let TMO make you a fantastic offer. We take care of all the details. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Full Stack Dev

Backends, APIs, Frontends, we know them all and have met hundreds of them in the last 30 years. Some we had to break to make them great again. Beware!

Social Media

Need help with social media sites like Facebook? Get in touch! We support with all the details that are relevant to your success on social media platforms.

Android Development

From single activity applications to complex API-based applications, receive custom-tailored solutions for your IP. All of our applications have great ratings!

Graphic Design

Looking for something fancy and out-of-the-ordaniry? Look no further and give us a call or e-mail us. We'll have just the thing for you. Crazyness included.

Penetration Testing

Want to make sure that your IT is secure? We offer blue and red team operations that are custom-tailored for you. Strictly confidential and professional.









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